Yes, ad supported and Micro payment games will work.

I don't know why people are questioning the rational of an ad supported and micro payment game. The time has come and they will work, I am sure that they will be the future of games to come. In fact they already exist in a lot of places on the web. Let's take a look at two ad supported micro payment models, World of Warcraft and Second Life. Wait, you might say that World of Warcraft is not ad supported, and you would be right but it does have Micro Payments that are not too micro.

Why it's better to pay for games than invest time in games from gameforge.

I am spending a little bit of time this week blogging since I start a new job next week and time will be at a premium. One of the things that I have been doing over the last few month is playing a few games with the kids. One of the games that we were playing was Ikariam.Ikariam is a free browser based game that allows you to build cities, have wars and make alliances with other players. It's interesting in how you build your city and see it grow through the levels by making your towns people happy.

I was enjoying this game and it's casual atmosphere, I was attacked a few times but I was concentrating on building my town and not on wars just yet. I wanted to let my kids play and it seemed like a good idea. The game is not violent and could become a nice family activity. This is where I made my mistake. Because the game is free and because people can exploit the game by creating multiple accounts to share resources the game team is very strict on multiple accounts.

I encouraged my kids to create towns on the same server that I am on. The game team has strict rules that they must be informed when people are playing from the same connection. It was my mistake not to contact the game team and both my sons towns were deleted because the game team thought that they were multiple accounts of mine. I find it interesting that not all three accounts were deleted, just the two accounts that had not purchased game credits and invested money in the game.

The following are the threads that were open when I decided to plead my case to the game team. I spoke with three different mods all with different levels of responsibility and they still insisted that I had broken the rules and the accounts would not be reactivated. I believed that the punishment that their towns were deleted and they would have to start over in the game was not a fair one. The towns were deleted because they incorrectly believed that they were multiple accounts of mine. I freely admit that the rules of the game were broken when we registered three accounts from the same connection but they were not multi accounts.

Michael Phelps has been farming gold in WOW?

I was stumbling today and came across this page on the wow forums. With the Olympics and the accomplishment that Michael Phelps has made this Olympics I thought it was fitting.
I took the screen shot because it won't be on the forum forever. It reads:
I have evidence that a character named MichaelPhelps has been farming gold. I also have proof that he is doing this in China. He's been doing it for about a week and clearly intends to keep doing it. Can anything be done to stop him? Update After relay 1: It seems some folks have reported seeing him with 3 other characters, farming gold as a team. It is suspected that they're botting, as they all move back and forth along the same path. Update After number 7: As indicated earlier, the character MichaelPhelps has now been witnessed Ninja-Looting gold, getting to it 0.01 seconds faster than the intended recipient. Just one more crime to add to his list of heinous offenses. Final Update 8/8 full TierPhelps set: Your inaction has allowed MichaelPhelps to have more gold than anyone. After all that gold he farmed from China... he'll probably wind up with a MIllion dollars... I have it on good authority he'll be dealing with another character named Speedo to get paid.

Naming your kid after WOW characters.

I was stumbling today and came across this photo:

Hopefully no one would be this stupid to name their kid after a wow characters. The thread is from 2006 so that would make Al'Aquir 2 years old right now. If nothing else it would make and interesting story once the kid get's to school.

I tried looking up the thread but it no longer exists on the wow site.


WOW is coming to the console. They are porting the Molten core Read the full details here. Originally posted on April 1st on

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. announces its long-awaited return to console gaming with World of Warcraft: The Molten Core™, a spinoff of the 40-person raid dungeon from its award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), World of Warcraft®. World of Warcraft: The Molten Core will allow players to experience the excitement of the hit raid dungeon in a completely new format, with new challenges and new rewards.

Ben Cousins talks about Battlefield Heroes and PC Gaming

Gamasutra has an interview with Ben Cousins, lead designer of Battlefield Heroes. Ben gives a lot of details about the game in the article, Micro Payments, Free Play and Advertizing. One of the things that I took note of was this quote about Micro Payments:
We think there are two areas where people would be interested. First is your customization items, to change the way your character looks. Maybe you want the gold helmet and a huge mustache, or something like that; maybe a monocle. Those will be micro-items.

The other thing is what we call convenience items: So let's imagine that the two of us are playing the game, and you're playing the game every night for four hours, you're leveling up your guy really fast, but I've got like a wife and kids, and only play the game a couple evenings a week.

But I want to catch up with you, so maybe I'll buy an item which gives me double the experience points for a couple of days. So I'm still playing the game, I'm still having to be skilled at the game, but I'm just leveling up my character slightly quicker. So those are the two categories.

I love the idea of convenience items, I am a casual player, I have a wife and I have kids so I don't always get the time to play. One thing that I found when I was playing WOW was that everyone else in the guild leveled faster than I did because they had more play time. Even though I had more rested experience, they played more so they leveled faster. Having convenience items levels the playing field.

It might also keep the power levelers away from the game. Micro payments exist in WOW too. They exist when people buy gold or have their character power leveled by someone else. I think that DICE saw this and realized that they could use this revenue stream to provide the game and a better game experience. Power leveling and gold selling is big business in WOW so why not take that revenue stream and put it in the hands of the game designers.