Using Macros in World of Warcraft

I had been trying to make a macro. Macro's are series of key strokes that are set in a button so you can easily execute that series at a keystroke. I wanted to create a Macro for guild recruitment, so I would not have to retype the recruitment message each time. Creating the macro was easy but when I tried to find out how to use it that information was a little bit harder to find, once i found it it was simple.

Creating a Macro.

Macros can be created by bring up the macro screen by typing /m Select the icon and name and then enter the Macro. Their is a good selection of macros at and on Google.

Using the Macro.

Macros are nothing more than action buttons and can be used as such. Once you create your macro you can drag it into your action bars.

That's all their is to macros. But they can make the game so much more easier.


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