The hellreaver

I have been raiding Hellfire Ramparts on a regular basis with some members of my guild. I started raiding it at level 55 and continue now since i am almost level 61. The good part about leveling at ramparts with guildies is that usually they are higher level than you are and they are only there to help you level. Since they are high 60 and 70's they don't need a lot of the items that drop. I gotten some real nice stuf from Ramparts. Lie the Hellreaver polearm pictured below.

The hellreaver is an amazing pole-arm. I have never used a pole-arm before so I had to learn how to use it in EPL before trying it out in the Outlands. My skill was zero and I think that I was not doing any damage with it until my skill hit 260 or so. I killed some 55-56's level beasts just practicing with it and then switching to my sword to finish them off. The hellreaver did no damage till my skill level got higher. It was about 600 swings or so with miss always coming up till I got proficient with it.

The Hellreaver has the following stats:

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