Top 3 Farming Spots In Wow

In this article I'm going to cover the top 3 farming spots in wow. Farming is the process of killing and obtaining the items from respawning monsters repeatedly. The items can then be sold in the Auction House for profit. It's a highly lucrative strategy that has shown me huge gains in gold and helped to items such as my epic flying mount. Listed below are the top farming spots I've seen success using...

Top Farming Spots

1. Eastern Plaguelands

This is a solid area to farm Mossflayer Zombies. They can be found in (28,85) which is the Undercroft. You can expect to get a good amount of silver and Runecloth from these guys. The reason I recommend farming these Zombies is because they are very easy to kill and they respawn quickly which means the earnings potential is pretty good.

2. Winterspring

Darkwhisper Gorge is a great area to grind demons such as Hederine Slayer and can be found in the spot (60,75). The demons aren't the easiest to kill seeing as though they are 60 elites. The juice will be worth the squeeze because they have about a 1% drop rate for Eye of Shadow. This item is high in demand in the auction house and can be sold for about 200 g. This is on top of the Runecloth and green items that demons also drop.

If your a skinner, go to the spot (67,40) because here you'll find Ice Thistle Yetis. When you kill these guys you can skin their Rugged and Thick leather which can be sold for a good amount of gold. You can also collect the items they drop such as vendor trash and green items. They occasionally even drop blue items.

Important Things To Note:

Although these are great farming spots in wow that I've seen a lot of success farming, it took me the longest time to get the gold out of these spots I needed. This is because farming spots like these are extremely time consuming. I've seen friends waste endless hours farming just to see a few pieces of gold - they spend most of their time farming rather than playing the parts of the game they really enjoy. I decided to invest in a gold making guide because they utilize chinese farming strategies. These are the most time efficient tactics that can show you huge gains of gold without having to dish out the time you normally would have to.

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