Warcraft macro Commands

If your going to use Macros in World of Warcraft you are going to need to know the macro commands. Macro in the 2.0 version of World of Warcraft have changed a lot with some new commands and the removal of some old ones.

To open the macro screen you need to type /macro in the chat box. This will open the Macro screen. Once you are in the macro screen you need to name your macro and select the icon that will appear in the Action bar. You can drag this into the action bar to test your macro.

Macro Commands


Cast is a command that you will use a lot , it is usually followed by a spell or a talent like /cast Intimidating Shout


Use is a good when you want to use am item out of your bag. For instance if you want to use a bandage the command would be /use Mageweave bandage


Equip allows you to pick up an item out of your bag and use it. You can equip from a bag slot or you can equip an item. /equip Shadowrend Longblade


Cast sequence is similar to cast but you would list your sequence in a list. The command would then be executed on each click of the mouse not going onto the next item in the list till the previous item is cast. If the item is on cool down or does not have enough rage then it would wait to be able to cast until moving to the next item in the list. /castsequence reset=target Charge,Defensive Stance,Bloodrage,Sunder Armor. In this example if you are too close to a target it will not change to Defensive Stance till you first Charge the target. If Bloodrage is on cool down you will not Sunder Armor till you cast Bloodrage.

These are the four big commands that I use, their are also speaking commands that you can use in your macros. I have a macro for spamming the channel when I am looking for group members and also a macro for guild announcements that I can spaming the guild channel.

With the advent of 2.0 their are also options macro commands that can be used.


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