Michael Phelps has been farming gold in WOW?

I was stumbling today and came across this page on the wow forums. With the Olympics and the accomplishment that Michael Phelps has made this Olympics I thought it was fitting.
I took the screen shot because it won't be on the forum forever. It reads:
I have evidence that a character named MichaelPhelps has been farming gold. I also have proof that he is doing this in China. He's been doing it for about a week and clearly intends to keep doing it. Can anything be done to stop him? Update After relay 1: It seems some folks have reported seeing him with 3 other characters, farming gold as a team. It is suspected that they're botting, as they all move back and forth along the same path. Update After number 7: As indicated earlier, the character MichaelPhelps has now been witnessed Ninja-Looting gold, getting to it 0.01 seconds faster than the intended recipient. Just one more crime to add to his list of heinous offenses. Final Update 8/8 full TierPhelps set: Your inaction has allowed MichaelPhelps to have more gold than anyone. After all that gold he farmed from China... he'll probably wind up with a MIllion dollars... I have it on good authority he'll be dealing with another character named Speedo to get paid.


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